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For more than 30 years I was searching for the truth of life; what was my purpose and what is life all about? I thought the answers might lie in religion but there were no adequate solutions to be found. I tried many flavors of Christianity but none of them gave me satisfactory answers.

At times life seemed difficult and sometimes it seemed cruel and unforgiving. There were failures that were accompanied by much suffering. It felt like life was happening to me.

I read many spiritual books such as Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and Power versus Force by Dr. David Hawkins, both of which had had a profound effect on me. At the same time I was reading books on quantum physics and it soon became apparent that both camps were saying the same thing in different languages. These books led me to start looking at life in a new way and made me question whether or not what religion was telling me was completely accurate. I had the feeling that the teachings were either misinterpreted or incomplete. Over time I decided that religion was not going to give me answers that I could accept as my truth.

As I read books and attended seminar after workshop I started to realize that life was not happening to me it was happening for me. I recognized that it was only my perceptions of me, of other people and of the world that made life feel difficult. It was my judgments that caused me suffer. I recognized that it was possible to change all this. It was possible to have life serve me. And it was possible to have great abundance in all forms. I understood that it was my choice to suffer or not. I was truly starting to become more conscious and aware about who I am and what life is about.

I discovered that life is about energy and frequency. It’s about how we vibrate. The thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold are patterns of energy vibrating at distinct frequencies. The judgments we make about ourselves and life are based on beliefs we hold. These judgments create our patterns of thought and behavior.

Many of my beliefs did not serve me. I have learned that the higher our thoughts and beliefs, the higher our energy vibrates. When we vibrate at a higher frequency life begins to feel easier. And if you believe you can do something, the Universe will bend over backward to prove you correct. In fact the Universe will bend over backward to prove anything you believe is correct. The Universe does not judge what you believe. It allows it. It has taken me years to come to my current understanding about how life works. I have come far, but the work is never complete.

I have studied with many people who have given me tools to accomplish this. Some tools have worked better for me than others. The tools that one person needs may not be the same as those the next person requires. My experience has been that it often has taken a variety of tools to get me unstuck. The plumber does not come to your house with only a single wrench.

My wish for you is to experience the magnificence of life. It is my desire that everyone to live a life of ease, happiness and abundance. This does not mean that there we never be challenges. Life is about becoming more of the genuine, absolutely amazing person you truly be. I say “be” because we are always being something. We are humans beings. We are given experiences from which we have the opportunity to grow. Truly life is a gift when seen through the right eyes.

I’ve created this website to share the things that have worked well for me, that have created huge shifts in my life.

My desire is to help you dissolve the obstacles that are not allowing you to be in the complete fullness of life.

Norm & Grandson Dylan

Norm & Grandson Dylan

Live well.



Norm lives in the high desert of northern New Mexico. He is the father of a beautiful daughter,  grandpa to a wonderful grandson and has a great son-in-law who looks after both. He is a desert hiker and spends as much time there as he can. Norm is an avid reader and you can often find him at a local coffee shop with a book in hand or visiting with friends.