Cancer and Fear

Posted By on Dec 8, 2013

Posted on 07/11/2013 By Norm Morrison

The Big C

Few things strike terror in to the hearts of people than the word cancer and the fear that surrounds it. Cancer and death are often thought of synonymously but the two words are not equal .


The Alternative

Five years ago a malignant tumor was discovered in my body. Western medicine does not treat cancer very effectively and often prescribe treatments that simply don’t work and they know that. However there are treatments with the field of alternative medicine and integrative medicine that are often very effective. While there is never a guarantee that any treatment will work on everyone there are different approaches that have had amazing results.


In the US there are a handful of oncologists that practice Integrative Medicine which is a combination of Alternative and western medicine which have had efficacy well beyond what  typical  routine cancer treatments have produced. And with these handful of cancer doctors there are approximately the same amount of treatment centers in the US, Mexico and Germany.

Cancer is a wake up call that something in one’s life needs to be changed. Most of this will be diet, the environment in which you work or live and the beliefs and perspectives you have about life. What beliefs and perspectives really means the emotional and mental things that cause stress energy in your life.

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