Abundance and Wealth in the Third World, What Abraham Maslow Says about Human Needs and the Domino Effect of Technology

Posted By on Dec 8, 2013

Posted on 08/09/2013 By Norm Morrison

So WHADDAYA Need???….asked Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow created the Hierarchy of Human Needs which a theory arrange in a pyramidal structure which describes 5 levels of human necessities. According to Maslow each level of need must be satisfied before a person can go on to the next higher level. For most people in the Third World wealth and abundance start on the on the lowest level. Simply technology can help them move through the levels much faster than ever before.


You can see for yourself in the above diagram the various levels and what we require on one level before being concerned with the stepping up to the next.

And at the pinnacle of the pyramid is self-actualization which can be thought of as personal growth and fulfillment.

Youths in Africa

Self actualization? I don’t need no stinking self actualization….I need some f’king rice!

The bottom line is that if you don’t have food and water and you fear for your physical safety and if you’re teenager in West Africa that has lost his/her family in tribal conflict…personal develop and/or spiritual growth is that last thing on you’re priorities list.

Providing the basic of water, nutrition and shelter allow people to move to the second level of considering security and stability. Supplying food, digging wells is only part of the answer.

It’s a “teach a man to fish” scenario.  With a bit of help from the Western World the Third World is eminently capable of pulling their selves up and in fact are the only ones who can. Western programs have been typically dismal in there efficacy to solve problems in the have not countries.


Domino Effect – We’re having pizza?

Solving one problem has a domino effect. By toppling one problem and meeting a challenge, plenty of others start to tumble also and it provides a feedback loop to determine best ways and mean of solving other problems by the very people who are in the midst of the challenges to begin with. The third world has it’s own best answers, not us in the west.

Abundance starts at the very lowest level. It’s not about having a big screen television. It’s about having clean water to drink, good food and supplementary nutrition and having a warm place to sleep.


If you can help  a woman or man who doesn’t  have these luxuries to find them…those people have just come into an abundant life and it only goes up from there. Technology plays a critical role in this as does the attitude and consciousness of the world.


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