Abundance – A real world, practical and pragmatic approach to increasing the living standards in the World through Technology.

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Posted on 08/05/2013 By Norm Morrison

What about Abundance?

This is not going to be spiritual or metaphysical discourse on the concept of abundance but rather a practical, pragmatic approach to abundance for people the world over in a blog series.

Abundance is contextual and relational

To illustrate the relational approach, let me give you an example of the very poor in America. Let’s imagine someone living in Section 8 housing in California with an income of about $10,000 per year. About 97% of them have a stove to cook on, a refrigerator to keep food from perishing and a bathroom for cleanliness and sanitary purposes. About 85% of those folks have a TV and some sort of entertainment system. Around 65% of them have a vehicle and air conditioning.

Now let’s compare the very poor in California to the very poor in Mumbai India. Have a look at the photo below. I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing those folks don’t have a stove, fridge, TV, car or air conditioning.



Abundance is relational. What is considered poor in one region of the world would be considered vast wealth in another.

Contextual Abundance

Imagine you’re a caveman or woman. Outside your cave there is an orange tree growing. You can reach up into the first third of the tree and pluck oranges for you and your family to eat. But once you remove that bottom third of the fruit you immediately run into scarcity because you can’t get to the oranges higher up.

It literally becomes scarcity in the face of abundance.


Someone invents the ladder!!!  A technology has been created that allows the you to reach the upper masses of oranges.

Technology is a game changer.

orange tree


Just outside the city of Abu Dahbi in the United Arab Emirates….. a new city called Masdar is being constructed . It will have a population of 50,000 people and will provide employment for 40,000. When it is completed the use of petroleum based energy will not be allowed within the periphery of the city. No gas stoves and no gasoline cars.

Every thing will be powered by electricity. But where does the electrical power come from. UAE is a desert country with no major rivers to harness and the consequences of nuclear energy aren’t something many nations are willing to accept anymore.

Keep in mind the that the UAE has approximately 10% of the worlds know oil reserves. And it is spending 20 billion dollars to construct this new city. Do you think they see the writing on the wall?

What about solar?

The sun radiates about 1.74 petawatts of power to the Earth’s atmosphere of which approximately 1/2 reaches the surface. ( 1 petawatt=1 x 10^15, that’s 15 zeros) This about 5000 times more energy than the population of the planet uses. Not all latitudes can receive significant energy from the sun but Abu Dahbi does and it can run with it. Solar energy can power their homes and their vehicles.

But what about water?

The UAE sits on the Persion Gulf. Certainly there is a lot of water available and it is of course salt water. But with the amount of energy that they can derive from the sun they have the ability utilize desalinization plants. 70% of the planet is water so there is a huge resource available and since most of the water that we use in our societies eventually flows back into the ocean there would be no net loss.

It’s a Game Changer!

Technology is truly a game changer and the technology that we currently have available could solve many of our problems and it can ease many other problems we face as a species. There is room for much optimism for the future.

But what else is required?

It also takes our consciousness. It takes a realization that what is good for one is good for all. It takes a change in belief from “it can’t work” to it will work. It takes a shift in perspective to see that there are possibilities that can change the present course of the world and our own lives.

Tell the world your story…it’s valuable. Share your interests, enthusiasm and passions with other. You have something to share and the world needs to hear about.

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