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You are the greatest gift the world has ever known. You are completely unique and entirely special. Your primary purpose in life is to show up as the real you. That is your ultimate gift to humanity.

~ Norm Morrison


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The spiritual aspecNebulat of you has perfect consciousness and you as a human being have access to that same conscious awareness. What prevents you from accessing your full consciousness is the veil of judgments, beliefs and perspectives that skew your perception of reality.

Every limitation in life is driven by the conversations that play endlessly in our minds. My priority is to help you release and disengage those things that limit you and open up the potential for transformation to a more expansive life.

This is the place to discover new perspectives and make shifts to greater awareness. You will find expansive tools here in my audio recordings and sound activation downloads which are found on the Tools page. Please sign up for notification of my blogs.



My View:

You are here on Earth to experience life in as many ways as possible. It is your perspective on events and situations that causes you to see them and the people involved as either good or bad. But what if there really was no good or bad and right or wrong? What if things just are what they are and we accept them without judgment? You do not need to make a judgment about something in order to change it. Simply ask does this serve life.

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What if all the things you believe about yourself, life and other people aren’t really true? You are perfect just the way you are. God, Source, The Creator, whatever name you choose, sees you as absolutely perfect. Spirituality tells us this is true but we have a difficult time accepting it.

Our perspective of ourselves and all of life is based on our beliefs and most of our beliefs come not from our own analysis but from accepting and adopting the beliefs of others. What if most of the beliefs you’ve accepted  aren’t really true? Could you free yourself from your own limiting beliefs? Is it possible that if you knew that you “could”, versus thinking that you “can’t”, that new possibilities could open up for you?

Releasing judgments about yourself and life allows you to see with new eyes. It allows you to becomes aware that the possibilities for your life are endless. What would you choose if the possibilities for your life were limited only by your imagination?


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